Glow in the Dark HTV


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Glow in the dark HTV

  • Place shiny side down on matt
  • Make sure it is cut on mirror/reverse
  • Weed excess vinyl
  • Preheat garment for 3 seconds
  • Apply at 150 degrees for 10 to 15 seconds and warm to cool peel
  • Always wait at least 24 hrs before washing.
  • Depending on your machine the glow in the dark htv vinyl may require more pressure or a double cut and ensure a good blade is in use.

*** For the best results expose the Glow in Dark Vinyl to sunlight or if you want a more intense glow you can use a torch to activate the glow.****

All our HTV is recommended to be pressed with a heatpress for best results.

Depending on the cutter being used a double cut may be required.  Our glow in the dark htv range is not recommended for small cuts.

30cm X 50cm wide $9.99

50cm x 1m $19.99



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Off White Glows Blue/Green YE002, Yellow Glows Light Green YE004, Green Glows Green YE005, Pink Glows Orange/Yellow YE006, Orange Glows Orange YE007, Blue Glows Green YE008, Purple Glows Light Green YE009


30cm x 50cm, 50cm x 1m